Emma Johnson’s Gravy Boat is a cinematic quintet led by Leeds based saxophonist and composer Emma Johnson who have just released their debut album Worry Not, thanks to the support of the Peter Whittingham Award.

Emma's writing displays a contemporary sound rooted by infectious melodies and the group have been described as playing 'a relaxed, melodic and distinctive style of contemporary jazz'. 


Gravy Boat released a well received single 'Where Were You Hiding?' in 2020, featuring Manchester based vocalist Nishla Smith, as well as a series of live music videos entitled ‘Seafarer’s Suite’ and an EP in previous years.

The band were selected for the Jazz North Northern Line scheme for the year 2019 and have performed at many prominent festivals including Marsden, Manchester and Lancaster.

"Emma Johnson and her Gravy Boat are one of the most refreshingly imaginative and perfectly configured acts in contemporary Jazz. Surely they will be occupying bigger platforms very soon." Neil March